Downtown Gatlinburg Web Camera

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Downtown Gatlinburg Web Cam Instructions

New Web Camera coming March 2104! Check back soon to see Downtown Gatlinburg.

Downtown Gatlinburg Webcam

You’re in control with the downtown Gatlinburg webcam mounted 407 feet above Gatlinburg at the top of the Gatlinburg Space Needle. Maneuver the webcam in any direction you please. Check in on your favorite Gatlinburg attraction or just see what’s happening on the Gatlinburg Parkway.

The live downtown Gatlinburg webcam also allows you to take a photo of downtown Gatlinburg that you can print and save to your computer.

The downtown Gatlinburg webcam is the antidote for the Smoky Mountain blues (the condition one gets after extended periods of time spent away from the Smokies). Of course, it isn’t the same as being in downtown Gatlinburg, but it’s certainly the next best thing.

To control the Gatlinburg webcam:

  • Click "Start Control"
  • When the box above "Start Control" turns green, you’re controlling the Gatlinburg webcam
  • To maneuver the webcam, click anywhere on the webcam’s playback screen to move it your desired direction, or simply use the slider controls – either/or works fine
  • To zoom the Gatlinburg webcam in and out, use the slider located above "Start Control"
  • To capture your very own photo of downtown Gatlinburg, position the webcam and when  you have it just right, click on the camera icon located near the bottom left of the webcam playback screen
  • A new window will pop up with your very own Gatlinburg webcam photo that you can print or save to your computer

We hope y’all enjoy the downtown Gatlinburg webcam. The next time you’re in downtown Gatlinburg, make sure to look up at the Space Needle and smile for the camera.


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